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Range of motion assessment

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a medicine founded in the United States by the american doctor Andrew Taylor Still. Osteopathy is defined as a manual medicine that diagnoses and treats somatic dysfunctions. Many diseases and pain are caused by such dysfunctions, also called mobility restrictions.

How does it works?

The osteopath uses manual techniques with the aim of normalizing dysfunctions (ex: joints, muscles, organs, bones, ligaments, capsules, fascia, nerves and vessels). The normalization of these dysfunctions enable healing and pain relief. Therefore, a global approach to patient is always used.

The Osteopath activates self-healing mechanisms to restore health.

When to consult?

  • For any kind of health conditions and pain.

  • We operate for prevention of deseases to maintain a healthy body. The pacient receive usefull and pratical advices about exercise, nutrition, posture and pain prevention. 

  • Osteopathy is an excellent complement to any treatment. Obs: Osteopathy does not replace conventional medicine.

Know the indications for osteopathic treatment

What are the results?

The results tend to be quick and pratical. They can already be noticed after the first session. The treatment is natural and without side effects.

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